Internet dynamics

220px-Goofy.svgThe whole point of creating a blog is to post stuff… Right? At least that’s what it’s supposed to be as far as I can tell. So far my history with posting to the various blogs I have had/managed has been less than stellar. I’m not much of a journal keeper ether, truth be told. I can come up with tons of excuses but that’s not terribly productive ether so why bother. I’m not sure of the point here, I just felt compelled to post something, and something this is. Is there a point? Not really. The holidays are coming and time is flying by with no signs of slowing down. Life is little more than a blur right now so anything coherent I can commit to paper/screen is a step in the right direction. Next time, I might even have a decent post.

Peace, love, and airplanes,