The coming New Year

This year has been one heck of a wild ride and it’s not qite over yet. This post is mostly a “yes, I am still alive” post. I want to do a year in review post a little later in the month. It is certainly due. If you are actually reading my blog, thank you, and I should have something more substantive to post before the New Year.

update 22-28 December 2023

A big part of this year was shedding volunteer responsibilities to focus on finishing school. I am a dedicated life-long learner but I needed some sheepskin to progress in the academy and career. This month I completed my first M.A. in History (American History) and next month I start my second M.A. in Public History (museums, monumments, buildings, sites, etc.). Due to stratieginc course selections I will be able to complete the second degree in December of 2024.

With all of the academics, radio has had to take a back seat. I haven’t done anything radio related since August 2023 and I am not likely to get back to it until January 2025. I will try and post a bit befor then, incase I don’t get back here for a while, this is the reason. I do plan on getting back to the hobby after school.