Minor Stuff 7 May

Not much new to report. I am checking the site regularly, I am not doing any radio projects right now. The spring term ends in a few days and I am done with all of my assignments so I am basically done for the term. I can register for my last three classes for the M.A. in Public HIstory in two weeks, classes start in August. I will likely start attending club meetings again in June, after Field Day. There is a lot of cleanup to do around the old homestead, I will be giving a bunch of radio stuff to the club and selling a buch of tools later this month. I need to thin the space so I will be inclined to get things done. I have an itch to build, I just don’t know what it is I want to build, I do have a few projects that need to be finished or difinitivly abandon befor I start any new projects. This includes modding my ELEGOO printer to self level so I can get back to 3D printing. That’s about it for now.

I will try to keep up with posting and adding some media to the posts as the year progresses.