My latest station update; September 30th, 2018, I have a couple of borrowed HF radios over the last year. I am currently borrowing a Kenwood TS-450S for my regular HF operations.

There has been minimal benchwork beyond making up custom cables for TNCs and a wide range of radios. Location and available space have limited what I can do antenna wise and work/volunteer commitments have kept me focused on 75-meter voice, 80-meter data, 2-meter FM voice, and 2-meter FM packet.

The majority of my radio operation have been EmComm nets. I am a local Net Manager for several nets both NTS and EmComm as well as being the Emergency Coordinator/AUXCOMM Coordinator for Klamath County.

Another limitation is being back in school full-time and trying to maintain an income.

I am hoping to get back to QRP and other bench projects sometime soon.

The Shack

On the bench, the test equipment collection continues to slowly build. I’m up to an O-scope, freq counter, sig gen, several DVMs, an L/C meter, ESR meter, RF sensors, SWR meter, antenna analyzer, RF power meters, two power supplies, and now an all-band all-mode transceiver.

I have been building my collection of components, parts, sub-boards, and other bits. Lots of connectors. I don’t have a current project on the bench but I have been stocking up for some future projects

The “junk drawer(s)” is/are also slowly building. I have a small collection of RF circuit boards from various satellite and aviation radios, and various consumer electronics devices ready to give up parts to future projects. I also have a few donors that haven’t been parted out yet in the fabrication shop. Slow going but it is an ever-evolving arrangement.

Another shack upgrade is battery backup for all active radios and TNCs; currently a 2m/70cm voice, a 2m radio and packet TNC running 24/7, and an HF rig. Not only are all of the radios on battery backup, the batteries are on constant grid charge/maintenance, but a solar backup is available for grid down conditions.

Ham Radios

  • Kenwood TS-450S HF al mode primary HF base voice/data
  • Yaesu FT-817ND All-band all-mode primary HF mobile
  • Yaesu FT-2500M VHF FM primary VHF base voice
  • Alinco DR-135 Mk II VHF FM primary VHF base packet
  • QYT KT-9800D VHF/UHF FM 2m/70cm mobile (x2) primary VHF/UHF mobile voice
  • Baojie BJ-2018 VHF/UHF FM 2m/70cm mobile (x2) Primary VHF/UHF mobile data
  • Baofeng UV-5R VHF/UHF FM 2m and 70cm HT
  • Baofeng UV-5RE+ VHF/UHF FM 2m and 70cm HT
  • Sawdust 40 meter RX SSB/CW (Breadboard Radios kit)
  • Splinter II 40 meter CW RX/TX, SSB RX (Breadboard Radios kit)
  • RX40.1 homebrew 40-meter SSB/CW RX  EMRFD Direct Conversion RX
  • Beach 40 DSB 40m Transceiver variant scratch built (in progress)
  • BitX 20 meter SSB Transceiver kit (in progress)

Other Radio Services

  • Vertex Standard ProV VHF AM Aviation Band handheld
  • Cobra FRS120 UHF FM FRS handheld
  • Garmin Rino120 UHF FM FRS/GMRS handheld
  • NooElec R820T SDR VHF/UHF RX-only 30MHz – 1.8GHz
  • Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB Single Sideband CB  mobile
  • Midland MXT400 GMRS mobile


  • Diamond X-50A (2) primary VHF/UHF for voice & data radios
  • 80-meter center-fed dipole in an NVIS configuration (double horseshoe) primary HF voice/data
  • Hy-Gain AV-18VS 10m-80m multi-band vertical secondary HF voice/data
  • 2-meter twin-lead J-Pole roll-up configuration in the FT-817 go-kit
  • 6-meter wire dipole in a go-kit
  • 10-meter wire dipole in a go-kit
  • 20-meter wire dipole in a go-kit
  • MFJ-1982LP EndFed 1/2 Wave 30W 80M-10M in the FT-817 go-kit
  • Miscellaneous magnetic multi-band mobile whips
  • Miscellaneous aftermarket rubber-ducks for HTs


  • Kantronics KPC-3 backup / mobile packet
  • Kantronics KPC-3+ USB needs repair
  • Kantronics KAM+ XL primary VHF packet (eventually 6m/10m HF packet)
  • And a few old ones I haven’t checked out yet

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