Welcome to December

Rosie-2388-mod-2Well here we are, the last month of 2013. 29 days left in the year, 18 days left of the Fall semester, 9 class days left for me this term. Things are definitely drawing to a close for the year and it feels good; Winter break is most welcome.

My primary challenge for the coming year is to narrow my focus and time frames on projects. Setting realistic goals and following through on them in a timely manner. A move in this direction has been to clean slate a bunch of projects I have been sitting on, in some cases dropping them altogether.

My main goal for the coming year is to improve my project completion rate, and reduce the number of active projects at any given time. Additional goals are to move further away from consumerist behaviors, expand my buy-local practices, eat more Palio, and get off my butt more. While this may sound like New Years Resolutions, they are really reaffirmations of things I have been doing for several years now. They are renewed commitments to a personal ethic.

It all boils down to these four things…

  • Start it – Finish it
  • Buy less – Buy local
  • Eat less – Eat Palio
  • Get Up Off Your Ass!

☮ ♥ ✈,