Losing weight with Weight Watchers, sort of…

Google Chart api version…

If you are on Weight Watchers this may or may not visually mean anything to you, but it is a big part of your life. This is the Points Counter formula. Points (p), calories (c), fat (f), and fiber (r). Starting to look familiar?

So why am I writing about this? A couple of reasons, I am considering joining WW but I have some reservations. My wife is a WW and has lost over 125 pounds on program. I need to loose about 145 pounds myself. I don’t like the whole “sunshine up yer skirt” thing that pervades motivational groups. I prefer facts, formulas, and just making it work. I quit smoking cold-turkey, granted it was after several attempts over the years, but I did do it without a program or support group. The real question is can I do my own “program” and make a go of it. I think so.

Today is the first time I have started tracking “point” values, hence the formula above. I want a convenient calculator for my BlackBerry, so I am making one, the formula was a starting point, no pun intended. Coding a simple webpage in PHP is next step.

One of my challenges with “logging” is the way I cook, not so much by recipe but by intuition. “Logging” in WW parlance, this is the practice of journaling all of your food intake by thier point system. To make it all work I need to be able to count ingredients quickly and accurately while/before cooking, and I need to track by decimal and not whole points otherwise I know a lot of things will slip by. It is the work load of all of this that has, in part, kept me from going on “program” in the past.

I don’t know where all of this is going, but it may make for some interesting writing.

So far today… [43 of 44]

Breakfast *12*
Venti Mocha (non-fat, no whip, triple shot) [5]
Huevos Rancheros Burito [7]

Lunch *12*
3 boild potatoes (3oz, 5oz, 5oz / 2, 3, 3) [8]
Honey Mustard dressing (2 oz) [4]

Dinner *10*
2 lean ground turkey patties [8]
corn (2 small cobs) [2]

Other *9*
water 2 ltr [0]
passion tea (w/ agave) 2 ltr [0]
honey roasted peanuts (1 oz) [4]
1 can apricots (15 oz) [3]
WW latte ice cream bar [1]
1 orange [1]

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[latex size=”3″]p=left(dfrac{c}{50}right)+left(dfrac{f}{12}right)-left(dfrac{r}{5}right)[/latex]