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A Jenny I know

Greetings fellow aircraft enthusiasts,

I want to give a special shout out to Brian Karli in Peachtree City, GA. Brian has been doing an amazing job documenting his Curtis Jenny Restoration. He started in 2006 with a pile of original parts and is getting ever closer to a meticulouslly restored Curtis JN-4D, and she is one georgious girl.

Almost two years ago I started following Brians restoration blog. I don’t want to sound like a fanboy here but I realy look forward to each and every post about this beautiful airplane and her restoration. It’s Brian’s enthusiasim, love of aviation, and continuing efforts in documenting his project that have keep the fire alive for me.

A Jenny would be an awesome build project, as well as several other fabric covered airplanes but at present finances, none of them are doable just yet. The Jenny is still on the short list for build projects. This is where the Pocket-Change Builder came from. Seeing Brian’s Jenny coming to life fueled my own desire to build and build now. So here we are, N-number reserved, build plans enroute, and me itching to dive in.

Thanks again Brian for all of your hard work.