Here we go again…

Howdy all,

All things being in balance, which they rarely are, I have been really busy with this that and the other thing over the last two months. The sad part is that somehow I have managed to get damn near nothing done; well, nothing completed anyway.

In the Universal sense, the end of the seasonal year is when things come to a close. The leaves are falling from the trees. Small animals are retreating to their winter homes and the natural world rolls up the welcome mat and packs it in for the winter. It’s a time of endings in the cycle. The past few years have been the closing end of another larger cycle, and an even greater cycle. Much like our calendar year, winter does not end as we begin a new year. Winter holds on for a couple months before yielding to spring. As centuries turn it takes a decade, sometimes two, before it can move on. Likewise, a decade does not fully begin its spring as the calendar’s page turns. With all of this cyclic winter going on at the same time, it’s no wonder things have been tough the last couple of years.

For me, winter is the time to go over all of the projects of the past year(s) and to see what has worked and what has not, what I have completed, what needs to be completed and what changes need to be made in the paths I have chosen. Its a time to review, revise, and recommit.

There are several paths I have been traveling since the turn of the twenty first century, some have been interesting and informative but bearing little to no fruit. Some are absolutely worth following but for one reason or another obstacles along the way have diverted my attention. For some reason, it seems that the most important paths are the ones that I have been diverted from. Finishing my degree and aviation are the two paths that I need to pursue.

Over the last year I started several projects including a couple of new blogs which have done little more than take up way too much time. Once again I have merged other blogs with this one, keeping my posts, but killing off the other blogs. Cutting back on non-essential interests is a step in recommitting to the paths. I have been cutting my online time back a lot over the last few weeks which is another. There are a few more things to do to completely recommitted to my education. As for aviation, I am going to keep moving down that path with the aircraft build that I have been writing about.

What this means for the blog is there will be a few posts now and then that have nothing at all to do with aviation or the build process. Hopefully this also mean that I will be writing more regularly here, when I am not too focused on on school or work.