Cuz ya gott’a have one

there always has to be a first post… you know, it’s the one that comes before all the others…

So I have other places I post stuff, ether for business or special interest; a lot of the time the stuff I feel like writing dons’t belong in any of those places… enter blatherskite. I needed a place to post stuff I just want to post. There are many other places to post this kind of crap, but I wanted my own little secluded spot that I have total control over. Makes me sound like a control freak, and in many ways… it’s quite true, I am.

The last few weeks have been rough for me, mentally that is, I have not been in the best of places in my mind. One of those dark times that you just have to work through. Not to sound broodish or emo, but I just needed some time to sleep in really late, stay up really late, not go out, keep the curtains closed, and do a lot of mindless vegging in front of the TV. Some times you just need a week alone in the dark.

So, now the week is over and it’s time to try and get back in gear. It’s late once again, and now I’m getting stuff out and on “paper” here while listening to Pandora Internet Radio (Peter, Paul, & Mary Radio) as background. This week is for getting my proverbial shit together. Judy Collins “Both Sides Now” just came on… funny.

WTF to do next? Dunno. I’ll have to work on that.