Earths Edge

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Things around here got relay busy and chaotic for a bit. I am getting back in the groove this week so I will have something more AvEd based to post soon.

I have been thinking about my aviation education. It seems as though the changes of the last few years have been pretty significant. I think it’s the first time all of the basic FAA handbooks have been updated within a five year span. My non-pilot friends have been quick to comment on how it must be due to 9/11. They are quite surprised when I tell them that only a small portion of the changes in small GA have to do with security and terrorism. Which brings me to something I have done recently…

Last week I updated my currency on Flight School Security Awareness Training. DHS/TSA has an online program designed to provide individuals and schools the mandatory training requited for Flight School and Training Center employees called for in 49 CFR 1552.

The training is very formulaic, basic, and straight forward for most school/center employees. The problem I found with the training is that they don’t provide anything for supervisors. Often in the courses they say “report this to a supervisor for follow though” but there is nothing for supervisors about what that follow though should be.

Coming form a security and law enforcement background, I know what should be done in those situations but there is nothing in the training to cover what some one without that training should do.

I see a need. The course available from DHS/TSA is only a bare bones course, there is some guidance in the requirements for FSSA training course development, I think I need to look more closely at that and chat with some of my friends in the security industry…