Cha cha cha changes

TakingNoteYou may have noticed, some things have… shifted a little. The basics of the site are the same. The over all concept of this site being about adventure is still the same, now it’s just a little more personal to me. It is my adventure, in life. I know what you’re thinking “Great… he is having a mid-life crisis and is going nuts.” well… maybe a little.

The truth of it is, I am getting close to that “middle age”, whatever that really is, and there are a lot of things I want to do, things I want to learn, adventures I want to have. Right about now you are probably thinking “I… I… I… this jerk is a bit self absorbed.” again… maybe a little. The mundane world has been relentless in keeping me busy with things I am not all that interested in. Big surprise, most of us are “stuck” doing things we don’t like doing, it’s called being a grown-up. I know this, but I don’t like it or agree with it.

I have been very lucky in life over all. Sure, there have been times less than steller, but that’s not the point. When it comes to the important things in life, love and family, I am tremendously blessed. The gift of an over active brainstorming lobe is also some thing I was blessed with. This means I always have at least six projects developing in my head. They are usually related in some form and the planning that goes on in the gray matter is not fleeting, it is quite developed by the time it reaches paper. The down side to all of this is the plans are usually ready for active implementation right away, and requires the funding to make it all come together.

As an exercise, a bunch of projects have been scaled back and I am taking a more “focused” approach to things. All of my projects are still in the works and some new ones are hitting the books too. So what does all of this mean? Hopefully, it will mean more posts about projects that are actively moving forward. I am still in the re-evaluation process but things are shaping up.

The first active project moving forward is Grave Mistake, a Thrill The World 2009 event I am co-organizing. I hope to see you there.