Blog Anxiety

I have always struggled with keeping up on the blog writing. It seems like I never have time to post when I want to and finding the inspiration at other times is fleeting at best. Since I set up the other blog for my radio stuff I don’t seem to have a problem with ether.

Any regular blogger will say you have to have something you are passionate about and actively engaged it to make a blog work. I am passionate about aviation but I haven’t been as actively engaged as I would like, so I guess that explains the difficulties.

This blog has never really felt focused to one specific thing. I tried to focus it on several occasions, but that never really seemed to work out. I have usually ended up with this place as more of a rambling stump than an active blog. Funny how I seem to be able to post more here now that I am actively, and daily involved with the other site.

However you chose to look at it i guess it is good that I am using both more frequently now. I have a place for a specific passion and a place to stump speech-a-fie as I deem necessary. Like this post, thoughts that I wanted to get out but might not otherwise have written because it didn’t fit the intention of the site. Well, now this site is more free-form I can post whatever whenever and not feel like I am doing something that doesn’t fit.

Just a musing.