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A quarter of the way… almost

School is going well. As you can imagine taking 21.5 semester units, I have been very busy with my classes.

In General we have covered the basics like mathematics, physics, and tools. We have also covered fluid lines, fittings, and most recently under the heading of Materials & Processes lots and lots of hardware. We still have Cleaning & Corrosion Control and Weight & Balance to geth through before semesters end.

In Airframe we have covered aerodynamics, metallic aircraft structures, cabin atmosphere control systems, and instruments. We are currently working on comm and nav systems, and fuel systems with only aircraft inspection to do before end of term.

Throughout the program we have been working on shop projects and though I tried to take my time with the last one, an aileron section, but alas, I finished it so I don’t have any more project work to do… well, regular project work anyway. I have been doing a side project on helicopter flight control systems (an RC helicopter) to demonstrate how the swashplate works and the principals of rotor wing aerodynamics. There is also talk about the possibility of another project as the helicopter project comes to an end.

Now with only a few weeks left in the semester I am almost half way to my Airframe rating and almost a quarter of the way to my A&P. As for other stuff, there aint none. Too busy for anything else.

Until next time, blue skies and tailwinds,