EC-001 Schedule

EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications


This course is offered on a person-by-person basis.
Cost: $0.00 (This includes all materials and exam)
Venue: Online, except for the exam.

This course is being presented by:
   Civil Defense Communications Auxiliary
   an Oregon non-profit charitable corporation and 501(c)(3)
In conjunction with:
   Klamath County ARES

Class Details

This is an 8-Week, online course with a mentor.

Please contact Jon KK6GXG to make arrangements to take the course.

Class Schedule

By arrangement


Materials will be included in the course. The coursebook and workbook are provided as PDF files. If you need a printed version of either, arrangements can be made.


Exams are offered in-person at our regular monthly exam sessions. If you take the course from another Field Instructor, please have them email confirmation of course completion to Jon at least 5 days before the exam.

Likewise, if you have taken the course form Jon and plan on using another Field Examiner, have your examiner contact Jon for verification of course completion.

The Small Print

If necessary, students may withdraw and reschedule for another session. Contact Jon if you have any questions.


To enroll in a class, please email Jon. Be sure to include…

  • Full Name
  • Copies of IS-100 and IS-700 certificates
    (.pdf files attached to the registration email work best)
  • FEMA student ID number
  • FRN*
  • Amateur Radio Callsign*

I will send you a confirmation of registration within 24 hours of receiving your registration request.

If you have any questions please email me at

* an amateur radio license is not required to take this course

Your Instructor

Thank you for choosing me as your instructor for this step in your emergency communications journey, and welcome to the fun and exciting world of EmComm.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.


Updated 12 November 2020

Amateur Radio, Emergency Communications, Traffic Handling and more