License Classes


I offer Technician Class License classes that are intended to help new hams get started in Amateur Radio with their first license. The class covers all of the basic knowledge needed to pass the license exam, and begin participating in the ham community.

This class is $35 per person
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No classes currently scheduled


A General License Upgrade Class is available for Technicians ready to enjoy the world of HF communications with all of the added technical and operating knowledge required for the upgrade exam and participation on the HF bands.

This class is $35 per person
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No classes currently scheduled


The Amateur Extra License is considerably more in-depth on electrical, electronic, and RF theory and practice. It is the pinnacle of the Amateur Radio licensing and requires a well-developed program to meet the needs of an experienced amateur operator looking to upgrade their license.

This class is currently in development.

Special Class Sessions

If you have a group of 10 or more that would like to set up a special class please contact me and we can coordinate a schedule for your organization.

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