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Bad Scientist, No Biscuit!

So here’s what happened…

I have been building up a parts stock to build several BPQ nodes. While building the stock, I have been slowly moving forward in learning the BPQ software and refreshing my way-out-of-date Linux skills. Seriously, I had to go back and look up how to check my root volume size (df -Bm) while setting up an imaging tool. Sad to think all the skills I have lost over time from lack of use.

Anyway, while installing the image-backup tools I realized I have not been documenting the build process! My main plan was to build an image that I can install, modify, and deploy in a day, assuming the hardware is the same. But I was forgetting the other part of my plan, to train others to build nodes AND maintain them.

Building the Nodes for folks is all well and good, but it is short sighted and really doesn’t further the main goal; building a resilient, wide-area, communications network that operates over multiple channels AND building a core cadre of builder/maintainers who can and will mentor others, expanding the physical network, and the network of builder/maintainers.

Fortunately, the project is still early enough in the build phase that I can go back to the beginning as Vizzini from Princess Bride would suggest. I have a few Raspberry Pis’ so I can keep the active Node online as I move forward. The available parts I have in stock will allow me to keep moving forward as I backtrack on the documentation.