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Plans in Hands

The workshopThursday was a pretty good day. First off, I managed to get down to the workshop and finish cleaning up. I remodeled the shop about a month a go and have been moving everything back in ever since. Because it is such a small space it has taken a lot longer than I had hoped it would to get everything organized and stowed. There are still a few containers that need some sorting, and I need to add a couple more of those small-parts bins, but all-in-all it is a usable space once again.

When I did the remodel I included an internet connection for parts look-ups, ordering, reference materials, and to have some audio visual stuff available. One thing I haven’t gotten around to just yet has been the installation of ventilation fans. It is a really small space and it gets hot in there really fast. Besides, if I am going to use any resins, do any soldering, blah blah blah, it would be a good idea if I had some air-flow.

A package? For me?On Tuesday I placed an order with Aircraft Spruce for some stickers, a patch, and… my set of Volksplane VP-I plans. My wife and I had something going on Thursday night which just happened to be when I was expecting Mr. UPS Man to come by with my package containing the plans. I was hoping that he would come early so I could take the plans with me, but time was growing short and we were about to head out. I was writing a note to authorize my son to accept the package for me when low and behold, who should appear? Mr. UPS Man! Package in hand, we were out the door in a couple of minutes.

My wife and I run a group called Grave Mistake. The group participates in the annual “Thrill The World” world-wide simultaneous Thriller dance event. My wife teaches the Thriller dance and I take care of the audio as well as manage the web and back office stuff for the group. So while she was teaching Thursday’s dance workshop, I was reading; well flipping through. I perused my way through the “VP-I Volksplane Plans and Pilot’s Handbook” and the “Evans Lightplane Designer’s Handbook” before the workshop ended.

VP-I plans and HandbookThe plans are on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets in a comb-bound volume. Everything is there but a lot of it is crowded on to the sheets and doesn’t seem to be organized in what I would consider a logical order. Looking at the plans a little closer now that I am home, I am thinking I need to make some copies and lay everything out so I can look at it all with my Big Picture eyes. I might need to do some blow-up prints too. I will definitely need a couple of working copies to make notes on.

While my wife and I were driving to the dance workshop I was talking with her about possibly building a 1:4 or 1:8 scale model using veneer sheets and pine. At 1:4 scale I might be able to build it from one (1) or two (2) sheets, and two (2) or three (3) pine 2″ x 4″s. Looking at the plans, I’m thinking it might be a really good idea. If nothing else it will be a good way get really familiar with the plans, and if I screw something up it wont cost me hundreds of dollars. Another good thing about building the model is that it will give me a better idea what materials will be needed for jigs, fixtures, and tooling. By building a model I should be able to prevent time and money consuming problems, and I will have a better understanding of the airplane over all. I will also end up with a really cool scale model to boot!

Looks like I have some planning and shop-office stuff to get done. I need to come up with a task list and sub-budget for the model. I think I might need to build a bench-top frame for my RotoZip tool to use it as a router/cutter for the model. I have some 1/4 and 1/2 particle board, some cheap 1/4 plywood, and some Masonite available, and lots miscellaneous hardware. That should get me started. The next two weeks are really full, but I will find some time to get some work done and report back to you.

Until next time, blue skies and tail winds.

Thank you Mr. UPS Man

Greetings Intrepid Aeronauts!

Less than an hour ago our regular UPS delivery guy came by with a package for lill’-o’ll-me. It was the Amateur-Built Certification Kit (ABC Kit) I ordered last week from EAA. This makes my second delivery on the project this week. I feel like I am off to a good start.

Much of this week has been getting myself organized and geared up. I like to document projects early on in the planning planing phase, so one of the first things I did on Monday was order log books for the project: airframe, engine, and propeller from Wicks. I wanted to have them well in advance so I could take a look at what all was included in the log books. Also because I should have a log book available once the engine and propeller are sourced. Now I know what information is of particular importance. They got here on Thursday along with a shiny new Wicks catalog, which I looked over cover-to-cover.

To prove what an AvDork I am, I used the FAA’s online N-Number reservation page and reserved one. I don’t want to post the number until I get a confirmation from the FAA (which will be 1 to 3 weeks), but you can be sure I will post is as soon as that happens.

A bunch of time this week has been spent searching out information on Volksplanes and amateur-built aircraft construction in general. I download a lot of ACs, manuals, and other documents from the FAA, so I needed to check and make sure I had current releases of them. Good thing I checked too. The last time I downloaded AC 20-27 Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft it was 20-27F, the current edition is AC 20-27G. Since this is one of the ACs on the list of stuff the FAA wants you to know, I read the new version cover-to-cover finishing it Tuesday night a little after midnight.

Another AC I am re-reading is AC 90-89A Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Manual. I hadn’t read this one in over a year so I picked it up and started again. Tonight though, I am going to read through the EAA ABC Kit.

The next purchase on the list is the Plans Set from Evans Aircraft. I’m not sure how soon, but I am hoping to order it before the end of the month.

I think I’m going to call this a short post tonight, I just wanted to bring the log up-to-date.

Until then, blue skies and tail-winds,