Steps in a northerly direction

The desire to homestead has been rolling about in the brain for quite some time now. Last year we made a move to buy some property, which motivated us to actually move up north from the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose to be precise, to Klamath Falls in Oregon.

After a few trips up, we finally decided it was time to get off our duffs and get up here. After spending months looking for work and rental properties it was clear that for things to move forward we would need to be in Klamath Falls. To that end, we made some appointments to look at rental properties in town and set up a three-day trip.

We were fully ready to make more trips if we needed to, but the Universe smiled on us and we found a good fit property wise and property owner wise. We paid the deposit before coming home. When we got back to SJ we paid the first months rent.

Our last day in SJ is July 31. Our first day in KF is July 1. The month overlap will allow Tammy to keep working at the apartment complex we work and live at while I transport our stuff to the new house, with some help from Tammy and Zack. I have planned for five trips, but I have made room for more if it looks like we will need it.

We are all looking forward to being in Oregon and have a lot of plans to get out and explore our new city, county, and state.

More to come as things progress,