Remnants Of Past Lives

It is with a some trepidation, but great conviction I am offering up some of my toys for adoption to good homes where they will enjoy new lives. Unless specifically noted I am open to reasonable offers. Click on the pics for larger photos.

If you are interested in any of these items please email me jon at flyboyjon dot com or if you already have my phone number send me a text or call.

I have …

  • 5 edge weapons (3 swords, 1 knife, and 1 brush blade)
  • 3 BB-guns (plastic-pellet type)
  • 2 ballistic nylon holsters
  • Super8 movie projector and 8mm film viewer/editing station (no sound on the editor).

Edge Weapons

#1 is the Scimitar – 48″ overall length with the blade coming in at 35″. This is a big honken, sharp, mean looking blade. I love this sword. The scabbard is a modern style that I had planned on replacing with something more period correct but never got around to it. It’s pretty spiff in the pics, but it is way cooler in person, just saying…
I’d like $40 for this blade OBO

20150809_141657 20150809_141758 20150809_141816

#2 is the Celtic. At 32″ overall and a blade 24″ long this is a stocky sword. Also a sharp blade, the blade could pass for Roman or Celtic but the hilt, grip, and pommel are definitely Celtic in appearance.
I’d like $30 for this blade OBO

20150809_141537 20150809_141605 20150809_141615


#3 this is the “Chinese Brush” sword… ya, I didn’t come up with that designation. This is a kind of axe/cleaver/machete hybrid with a stout 15″ stainless steel blade and a 550 cord (it’s not true 550) wrapped handgrip bringing the total length to 26″. A little big for a Go Bag, but if the zombie apocalypse happens, this is the blade you want in your hand. The sheath sucks, I’ll say that right now, I would never consider using the criss-cross back straps, but the blade rocks.
I am firm on $50 for this blade.

20150809_141210 20150809_141223 20150809_141243 20150809_141251

#4 is a costume grade Bowie knife at 16″ with an 11″ blade. It is solid enough but rough all around. With some TLC it could actually be a good knife.
$$ Best Offer $$

20150809_141359 20150809_141436

#5 is a costume grade basket rapier, a few rust spots here and there. Will clean up well for costume use. 42″ overall length with a 35″ blade. Twisted-wire wound grip. No scabbard.
$$ Best Offer $$

20150809_141022 20150809_141031 20150809_141048 20150809_141103 20150809_141111 20150809_141120


First up are the pair of black pistols that look like 9mm autos. They have an orange barrel tip but are otherwise all black. I purchased them for costuming, and they do actually work as plastic-pellet guns. They are in great condition and include a pack of pellets each.
I would like $20 for the pair OBO

20150809_140750 20150809_140800
The second BB-gun is a clear (with orange barrel tip) plastic-pellet target shooter. Also purchased for costuming. Works well and includes a pack of pellets and target.
I would like $10 OBO











The holsters are ballistic nylon thigh holsters with all of the straps for attaching to the belt and leg. They can also be used on the hip directly attached to the belt, or used with an ALICE or MOLLE rig. They were used with the BB-guns for costuming, but are perfectly suited for average size 9mm autos and similar handguns. One is black and the other is tan.
I am looking to get $10 each OBO

20150809_140326 20150809_140443

8mm Film Equipment

My interests in filmmaking are generally geared to digital and non-linear editing, however, when the opportunity presented itself in the form of this Super 8 projector and the viewer/editor I jumped.

I started by checking out both units top to bottom and ordering spare replacement lamps for both (1 spare for the viewer and 4 for the projector) and conducting operations checks with the new lamps. Everything works on these units. The catch for me is, I don’t have any 8mm film stock, developed reels, or a camera.

I aint makin’ anything on this deal, I just want them to go to a good home with someone who will use them.
I am looking for $50 for the entire setup OBO

20150809_142432 20150809_142512 20150809_142532 20150809_142645 20150809_142656 20150809_142824 20150809_142839 20150809_142855