Is it really August?

Hola amigos,

Yes in fact it is August. Last month was filled with taking care of loose ends, finishing up projects, and selling or donating a lot of stuff. It was also the month I began teaching Amateur radio classes. I have been talking about doing it for some time, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. The first class went very well, and the second begins this evening.

The wife and I have been taking about teaching various classes for some time, and on occasion we have done one or two. I think this is a turning point for this process. Once we relocate and acclimate to the community we can reassess starting up teaching again. In the mean time, I have been building up a collection of course materials and presentations.

We had a huge yard sale last weekend that went pretty well. I am in the middle of building a rolling tool box to replace several smaller boxes this week and next. After I get the shop in order, several more tool and project cases, I can start replacing some furniture pieces. The yard sale and shop projects are both about down sizing and mobility.

Not much else to say at the moment, so…

Hasta luego,