getting stuff done…

I wanted the “Of Scouts and Scouting Pt. 2” post to be the next in line but there has been a lot going on and my brain has just not allowed it. It is in the works though, so if your waiting with baited breath, go brush your teeth. That post is coming soon.

There has been a lot of wide and varied thoughts rolling around in my head and I begin writing, in my head, at the most inopportune times, usually while I am trying to get to sleep. The discipline of getting to a keyboard or paper when the muse strikes is one that has eluded me. I am trying to get better about it, hence this short post about posting. I have several outlets for different parts of my life, this one for miscellanea about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, one for aviation, one for archival and preservations related stuff, and yesterday I added one for the ecclesiastical side.

My goal for the rest of the year is to post at least one article per week in each of the blogs I have set up. All but the last have been around for two years or better so there is no reason not to try harder. Some things might seem forced at times but I think that is part of a writers growth. Another part of this is that I am going to set some standards about the posting…

Number One: Posts must be a minimum of 250 words with an optimum of 500. I know word count is not the be-all-end-all as far as writing goes, but it goes a long way in building the creative stamina needed by a writer.

Number Two: I need to dramatically improve my typing, grammatical, spelling, and editing skills. I think this will come with the territory of writing regularly, but it is worth being part of the goal.

Number Three: Work on improving my writing style. This one is kind of a broad desire to develop a ‘flare’, that distinctive style that is my own. It is more of an aesthetic than substance thing, but the window dressing is what brings the customers in.

Number Four: Start marketing my writing. I have been very lacks in promoting my blogs, in part because I doubt myself and my abilities. Who knows, I may be a crappy writer, but deep inside I think I have the skills. Only time and perseverance will tell.

Number Five: Effort. This one is the most difficult. This goes along with stamina in Number One, I need to stick with it, even when I slip, I need to jump back on the wagon and keep plugging away.

After all is said and done, writing is the one thing I can do regardless of financial situation. Other projects require resources of one kind or another while writing requires only my time and energy, with some incite and creativity I hope. This post is fitting for the title of the blog and it has reached 500 words, so I guess this completes the first entry of my goal for the rest of 2010. Go Me!!