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Patriot Class

On occasion I offer special group classes with a minimum number of attendees at a group-provided venue. These classes have a lot of extra planning and logistical behind the scenes work. I will try to make sure everything is covered on this page. If you have a question let me know and if necessary, I will add the answer to this page. I will of course respond to your question directly as well.

This page is specific to this class and will be removed after the class.

This page is not in the menu system. Please bookmark this page to get back to it. There is a lot of information on the Get Your Ham License page and the Exams page. Please take a look at them as well.

The Basics

Class Dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 22-23, 2021
Class Hours: 08:00-17:00 with a 30 min lunch both days
Venue: The Gun Store – 239 Main St, Klamath Falls

This is a fast paced test preparation class. We will be covering a lot of material in a short period of time. This format means that you, the student, are responsible for reading through the manual BEFORE class. You don’t need to read for complete comprehension, just to have a familiarity with the terms and concepts. Don’t slow down and agonize over any of the concepts, this is a good time to make notes in the manual or a notebook. When we get to that part of the class, if you still have a question we can go over it in class.

These are full days, so it is a good idea to bring snacks, beverages, and a bag lunch. It is also a good idea to dress comfortably. This is a long time to sit so I completely understand folks needing to stand up and move around, just try not to disturb others in the class when doing so.

The Exam

I have arranged for Volunteer Examiners to come in on Sunday after the class and hold a special exam session while everything is fresh in your mind. The Exam fee is $15 which goes to the ARRL-VEC. There is not FCC license fee. We can take cash or ATM/Credit Card for the exam fee.

The Details

The best way to get all of the class details is to read my regular class info page. This also includes the link for registration. Click Here for the regular class page.

Getting the Manual

Speaking of the manual, I get a discount on class materials from the ARRL so I can provide the manual for $27 which will cover the book and shipping rather than the $32.95 cover price plus $7 shipping direct form ARRL. If you would like me to purchase the manual for you click HERE.

I need to get several orders before I can purchase them. It usually takes about 10 days to receive a shipment. To make sure everyone gets their manual with enough time to read it I will be placing a deadline for orders of April 24th. (Orders placed over the April 10-11 weekend should be in by May 1st.)

If you want to order after that date, please contact me first. I will try to pick up a few extra copies just in case.

If you purchase a manual through me, you will have to pick it up, or make other arrangements. I will email everyone when the manuals have arrived.


If you have any questions before the class please feel free to email me or use the Discord platform to ask them. Discord Server