Backlash to Oblivion

Not just a couple of really fun B movies from Full Moon Productions, no what I am talking about today is the backlash that is forming in the election furor. The backlash is coming from the last several decades of affirmative action.

Left or Right, they are both Wingnuts
Left or Right They are both Wingnuts

It appears that the uneducated masses following the McPalin campaign are making the rest of us Caucasians look like jack-booted racists with all of the racial slurs being heard at campaign rallies; not from the candidates, but from the crowds. It seems that the name calling dirty politics of “the month before” have struck a nerve in those unable to articulate themselves, you know, mouth breathers.

I am not a big fan of “affirmative action” mainly because it is a discriminatory practice, offering preference based on ethnicity, with a point structure in government hiring. If I where a black female paralyzed Vietnam veteran with post traumatic stress syndrome I could walk into a government office, flip off the hiring manager, poop on his desk, and still get the job. As it happens, I am non of the above, and am therefor “entitled” to nothing but a guided tour to the door. That sounds a bit bitter, and in all truth it is. I have personally been affected by discrimination in employment on more that one occasion. I am however not a protected class from discrimination and therefore I have no recourse. Thank you Affirmative Action.

So I understand where the anger and frustration can come from. Yes indeed some people are raised with discrimination as an acceptable element. It is not. What both parties have done for this great nation is do thier best to agrevate the situation. Discrimination serves none of the citizens of the United States. Stop using it as a political tool!

Obama has been just as guilty as Mcain in more covert ways. As an organizer in the inner city of Chicago, he knows how to get the youth activated, and has done so remarkably well, as Hillery will testify.

I was thrown a bit when I read an article from CDR Salamander here in the very short article are links to two videos one, from a classroom in Kansas City in support of Obama and the second, a WWII propaganda cartoon done by Disney. After watching the videos I had to take a few moments to stop and think. I strongly encourage you to check out the “Class Project” video at least before continuing… seriously, go watch it and come back, I’ll wait…

24 JUL 2020 Never mind, the videos are no longer available

Now I am generally not an alarmist, I don’t see this as a huge deal, nor do I see it as a representation of the nation as a whole, or a racial segment there of. Some people in general are more susceptible to group mentality such as religious extremists, cults, and gangs, regardless of race. It is just the way some people are wired and is facilitated by environment. It is not inherently a bad thing, however, when that wiring is triggered by someone with a strong magnetic and bigger-than-life personality they can fall into an almost trance like state. When in this state, instruction is needed, purpose, if it is not given then the mind follows baser instinct to achieve the goals, or perceived goals, of the leader. This is how distributed control works after indoctrination. Local leaders claim to be passing along instructions from the leader. This process works for religions, political groups, and cults and can be adapted to almost any environment.

What disturbed me about the Obama supporting class project is that it is a small demonstration of Obamas ability to charm people in a way that hasn’t been seen since JFK. It is not a concern about what Obama would do himself, it is concern about what others with a less pristine record, that he is reported to have been in association with that could use that connection for nefarious, self-serving ends. Which they will do regardless of weather he wins or looses. Obama himself, he knows his abilities, and as of yet has only used them for good, as it where. We shall see about the others.

This power is being seen by the mouth breathers as a serious threat to thier way of life. As dumb as that sounds. They have been indocternated with all kinds of BS as well and are acting out based on thier fears. This is the mess that the parties have created, what we have to deal with. As for “Trailer Park Barbie” (Palin), all she seems to be able to do is feed the fire.

There will be a huge battle after the election one way or the other and its not going to be pritty.