2 Months? Really?

Yes, indeed it has been a long time since my last post.

No excuses, I have been distract by all sorts of things, mostly work though. As of yet I have not taken any of my commercial radio tests.

ARRL-VEC VEJust about the only thing I have managed to keep up with in radio is my regular attendance at the VE sessions. I am now up to 12 for the year with another one coming up next Saturday. This is one of those commitments that just takes precedence for me. It’s less than 4 hours, usually 3, two times a month. I can find time for this.

Tomorrow marks a shift in workload and a re-commitment to getting my commercial tests done. It looks like I will take them one at a time so I can focus more clearly on the task at hand rather than trying to shotgun them all at once.

fcc-seal_rgb_emboss-largeIt has been about 2 months since I was ready to take the Element 1 test so I need a few days to get back up to snuff on the material but I believe I can get back to consistently passing practice tests before the end of the week. This means I should be ready for a Friday or Monday test (other commitments on Saturday and Sunday).

Once E1 is out of the way I will cram on E3 and try to knock that one out of the park by October 2nd giving me 2 weeks to get it together for that test. As for Element 8, I will make plans for that once I am done with E3 and have been assigned a call for my GROL. It will just need to be an add-on.