Jon KK6GXG here, It should be fairly obvious this site is maintained by someone very interested in Amateur Radio. What may not be completely obvious is how to find certain key parts of this site Emergency Communications and Amateur Radio License classes.

If you are here to find out about getting your “Ham Radio” license take a look at my License Classes page.

If you are looking for my EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications class you will find information on the EmComm Classes page.

While I am a frequent poster on Instagram with many of my projects and subject-specific work, I have not been a very consistent blogger. Rather than trying to focus on regular blogging I am working on subject pages like Packet and APRS. I am also looking at getting back to build projects. There are also plans to develop some educational resources for licensing and special subject areas.

Keep checking back for site updates, there are lots of pages and projects in development right now.

Updated 04 December 2019

Amateur Radio, Emergency Communications, Traffic Handling and more