Jon KK6GXG here, It should be fairly obvious this site is maintained by someone interested in Amateur Radio. What may not be completely obvious is how to find certain key parts of this site.

If you are here to find out about getting your “Ham Radio” license, look at my Get Your Ham License page.

While I am a frequent poster on Instagram with many of my projects and subject-specific work, I have not been a very consistent blogger. I am going to work on this. Keep checking back for site updates, there are lots of things in development right now. (I haven’t been posting there a lot lately but I plan to get back to it soon)

I am keeping the site current. I have been adding an Updated dd M yyyy notation at the bottom of pages and in some cases directly under date-sensitive information in an attempt to keep the site up to date.

During the process of reviewing and categorizing old posts and blogs, I am also going to add commentary to some old posts where my opinions have changed or I was just flat-out wrong. I am not “revising” or removing these posts, let’s face it, the internet is forever, but our opinions and beliefs change and evolve. Rather than ignore or hide those things, I am embracing them as my own, current or not, correct or not. This is also a very slow process. I have nearly 300 posts spanning over a decade, I have changed a lot in that time. I think it’s worth noting where I have been, where I am, and where I am going.

At various points, I had special interest blogs that either took too much time to keep up or I just lost steam on. They are all merged here which will explain some things that don’t fit with radio.

The blog part of this site is a “me” thing, a place to express myself and my hobby interests. I open it to those who are also interested. The pages portion of the site, the menus at the top of pages, this is the public part where I share my experience and knowledge in certain areas, mainly amateur radio. All of the site is a work in progress, as am I. I hope you enjoy your time on this site and find some truth on the pages here.

~Jon Wanzer KK6GXG

Updated 28 December 2023

Amateur Radio, Emergency Communications, Traffic Handling and more