Remote Exams

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it clear that a remote testing option needs to be available, at least under certain circumstances, and that these remote sessions need to be available through a much larger number of VE groups.

The Civil Defense Communications Auxiliary VE group has started the process of becoming an approved remote testing group with the ARRL-VEC. We are working with the Silicon Valley VE Group who is developing an ARRL authorized remote testing solution.

Although our in-person sessions have resumed, in the spirit of preparedness, we are continuing to work towards authorization with the VEC for remote sessions. Once that option is available we will establish a regular schedule for remote exams to keep on top of new developments and stay in practice in the event it becomes necessary again.

When remote testing has begun we will offer testing to a constrained geographical area, Southern and Eastern Oregon and parts of Northern-most California and Nevada. We will prioritize individuals that live in unserved or underserved areas first.

All remote exams will be scheduled and coordinated in advance.

Remote Exam Session
Requirements & Procedures

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Updated 12 November 2020

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